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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Markwell SP50-5B Air Drive Stapling PlierMarkwell SP50-5B Air Drive Stapling Plier
P3C 3/8" (9.5mm) Staples
Markwell SP50-10B Air Drive Stapling PlierMarkwell SP50-10B Air Drive Stapling Plier
SP50 Foot Pedal Operated Pneumatic Stapler
SB103020 Staples
Markwell SB103020 Staples
Sale price$12.05
P3A 1/4" (6mm) Staples
Markwell MPL3 Industrial Stapling PlierMarkwell MPL3 Industrial Stapling Plier
Markwell MPL3-CS Stapling Plier with Sword Point AnvilMarkwell MPL3-CS Stapling Plier with Sword Point Anvil
Markwell MPL4 Industrial Stapling PlierMarkwell MPL4 Industrial Stapling Plier
MP6-8 Industrial Stapling PlierMP6-8 Industrial Stapling Plier
Bostitch BOT P6C-8 Stapling PlierBostitch BOT P6C-8 Stapling Plier
Markwell MP6-6 Industrial Stapling PlierMarkwell MP6-6 Industrial Stapling Plier
Markwell HSP-12 Stapling PlierMarkwell HSP-12 Stapling Plier
Bostitch BOT P6C-6 Stapling PlierBostitch BOT P6C-6 Stapling Plier
Bostitch BOT P3-IND Stapling PlierBostitch BOT P3-IND Stapling Plier

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