Agrifast Mod 141 Hog Ring Plier

Sale price$145.00


The Agrifast 141 Fastener is a manual hog ring tool with the perfect method for fastening PE pipes to wire and has a long service life. Great for aerial drip irrigation or micro sprinkler systems, horticulture, agriculture, chain-link fencing, and netting.

The perfect solution for irrigation pipeline fastening.

  • Light weight, ergonomic rounded and tighter handles
  • Withstands the expansion and contraction of pipes due to sudden changes in temperature
  • On sloping surfaces, staples remain in position without sliding along the pipe
  • Tightly holds tubing in place, reduces the need to come back and change fasteners out due to environmental elements
  • Fits tubing with a diameter of 13-16 mm
  • Recommended brackets placement every 19" for efficient and reliable fastening

To be used only with Agrifast E-41 Hog Rings.

Click here to see video of Agrifast Hog Ring Pliers

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