Air-HP14100C Polyurethane Air Hose (Orange)

Sale price$40.00


Ultra lightweight reinforced polyurethane air hose in orange, 1/4" x 100', includes 1/4" ball brass coupler and 1/4" steel plug.

  • Maintains flexibility in extreme temperature (rated from -40F to +150F.
  • Field repairable hose ends for fast jobsite repair
  • Bend restrictors for increased hose life
  • 40% lighter than rubber hoses
  • Abrasion resistant outer cover
  • 200 PSI maximum working pressure (4 to 1 burst rated)

For use with: 92/40L Pneumatic Clinch Flare StaplerSP50-10B Air Drive Stapling Plier, L3-OCA Outward Clinch Air Stapler, SP50-5B Air Drive Stapling Plier, ABC-A Air Box Closer for A7/8 or A3/4 Staples, ABC-C Air Box Closer for C5/8 or C3/4 Staples, KCT-C1-48 Pneumatic Hog Ring Plier for 3/4"Hog Rings, KCT-SCI-45 Pneumatic Hog Ring Plier for 1/2" Hog Rings, and KCT-C2-80 Extended Nose Pneumatic Hog Ring Plier for 3/4" Hog Rings.

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