KCT-D22 3/4" 15 Gauge Pneumatic Piston Returned D Ringer Hog Ring Tool

Sale price$395.00


The KCT-D22 stands out for its exceptional durability, impeccable balance and minimal maintenance requirements, making it an essential tool for diverse applications and a wide range of fastening tasks. 

  • Magazine capacity 125 rings
  • Lose-free and rotatable returned system
  • Easy-reload system
  • Magazine can be pivoted in 90 degree increments
Covers a wide variety of applications:
  • Mattress Construction
  • Furniture Upholstery 
  • Flange to inner spring
  • Bag Closure and Bagging
  • Automotive seating 
  • Wire Cages
  • Oil Absorption Socks
  • Fencing and Netting
  • Construction Bedding
  • Landscaping and horticulture

For use with Hog Ring SR15 fasteners.

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