LT 1 Heavy Duty Universal Staple Tacker

Sale price$19.95


A heavy duty all purpose tacker, fitted with a wire-guide attachment for stapling small diameter cables. Comes with a starter pack of 600 staples.

The UNIQUE FEATURE of this tacker is that it uses a wide range of commonly available American staples, including Markwell L3 Series heavy wire staples, 0.050" x 0.020”, (1.27 x .5 mm) 20 gauge galvanized steel staples: L3A-1/4" (6mm)L3B-5/16" (8mm)L3B-5/16" (8mm) Quinn PackL3C-3/8" (9.5mm)L3M-7/16" (11mm)L3MF-1/2" (12.5mm), and L3D-9/16" (14mm). Also uses Markwell T50 3/8" or A11 3/8" StaplesArrow T50 (A-11) Series, DuoFast 50 Series, BeA 95, Senco D and heavy duty staples from Sears, Master Mechanic and similar, in sizes from 1/4” through 9/16”.

An outstanding all-purpose do-it-yourself tacker that is not staple-specific.

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