MTC2/A Manual Top Box Closer for A34 and A58 Staples

Sale price$169.00


This hand operated top box closer, for use with “A” type 1-3/8" crown 3/4" leg carton staples or 1-3/8" crown x 5/8" leg carton, is an economical solution to pilfer-proof sealing of shipping cartons. Features all-metal construction and specially tempered anvils for a long life of maximum service, simple depth and tightness-of-clinch adjustment, easy loading of two staple strips. 

Order this unit if you are using Markwell A-5/8" staples (1-3/8"crown x 5/8" leg, or A-3/4" staples (1-3/8" crown x 3/4" leg).

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